Ex-Mariner News

August 16, 2008

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Ex-Mariner News

Two bits of news from former Seattle players, one surprising, but the other one, not so much.

Easy one first: the Yankees designated Richie Sexson for assignment yesterday, in a roster shakeup that included demoting starting center fielder Melky Cabrera. Sexson had hit .250 in 28 at-bats, with a grand slam and six RBis. Ever the all-or-nothing guy, Sexson had one or two big hits, and a whole lot of hits and weak groundouts. Yankees GM Brian Cashman was gracious about Sexson, saying he was an everyday player, not a bunch guy, and that was the problem.

Those of us who saw the Big Un-Sexy everyday know what hokum that is. With even the desperate Yanks giving up on the strikeout-prone power hitter, we've likely seen the last of Sexson this season. Next year, it's possible he'll be in someone's spring training, trying to make the roster, and best of luck to him--and the team who takes him. Let's just hope that team's not Seattle.

And in other Seattle retread news, former manager Mike Hargrove announced he'd "misspoken" when he said he'd lost the passion for the game last year. At that time, he resigned abruptly, becoming the first manager since 1900 to resign with his team on an eight-game winning streak. We can look back on that as the beginning of the end for the Bavasi-built Mariners, as the team's gone 89-119 since Hargrove left the helm.

Nobody's quite sure why Hargrove left, although given the way the team has performed since then, one wonders if he perhaps saw the impending collapse. Like Sexson, it's unlikely that he'd return to Seattle, but anything's possible in baseball's repeat-manager world. Assuming that someone decides to take on Hargrove, who has a career winning percentage of .503, they've got to be ready for another abrupt departure.

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