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Street News or Road Kill? posted on 07/10/2008

Hmmmnnnn.... where to begine, where to begin. How about with your statements about hockey's "dedication to fighting and cheap shots in all its forms--any sport where teams are practically required to have an "enforcer" for such duty speaks volumes about that old canard, "I went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out" show that you haven't watched a game in a long time.  Although, twenty years ago, each team had 2-3 guys dediciated as enforcers, today, less than half the teams in the league carry one on their roster, and some of them ar no just cementheads but can actually play.  While there are exceptions  (Boogaard, Laraque, Brashear), the game these days is, for the most part, too fast and skilled, and too financially restrictd by the salary cap, for a team to waste a roster spot on somerone who cannot contribute except with his fists.  As an example, the Red Wings don't have an enforcer and haven't had one for years buit just won the Stanley Cup -  their fourth Cup in 11 years.   Also, twenty years ago, there was an average of more than 2 fights per game, but today, it's something like .43 fights per game.  You should check it out some time.

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