Speculation: Mid Season Trades

April 02, 2009

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Cameron Clow

Speculation: Mid Season Trades

The Seattle Mariners picked up injured closer Chad Cordero in the offseason. Cordero was a solid major league closer with the Washington Nationals for years. Foxsports reports that the Mariners are likely to use Cordero as mid season trade bait if they are out of contention early as they are expected to be.

With that said the Brewers will need at the very least bullpen help and will likely need a closer as Hoffman is obviously not a long term solution. It's a long shot to call any mid season trade at this point, but given this information I would not be suprised if Chad Cordero was the second Cordero to close for the Brewers in recent years.

The San Diego Padres are also still trying to shop Jake Peavy. I don't see a chance at the Brewers getting him and maintaining him. It would be another CC Sabathia situation that would likely not pay off as well as the Sabathia deal did.

The Brewers obviously have the prospects to shop around at the deadline, but I believe we would be better off keeping the majority of our prospects especially: Escobar, Gamel, Green, and Iribarren unless we could pick up some talented young pitching prospects.

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